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TransPromo Document Production: Collaborative Document Design Delivers Marketing Effectiveness




doxee blog fig1 907 resized 600When it comes to reaching the target audience, transactional documents, such as bank statements, phone bills, 401K plans, insurance statements and utility bills, are unmatched in their effectiveness. 

TransPromo documents – transactional documents with embedded promotional messages – deliver the best of both worlds. This hybrid class of communication contains transactional information with dynamically embedded promotional messages, images, data-driven graphics and other variable content that is personalized for each specific customer.


doxee blog fig2 907 resized 600In today’s perpetually distracting media environment where, at any given moment, dozens of competing communication channels are vying for your customer’s attention, the effectiveness of transactional documents is simply unparalleled.  A recent study by InfoTrends reports that customers are up to 95% more likely to read their transactional document. TransPromo transforms these transactional documents into targeted, value-delivering, promotional vehicles.


You have a lot of new products and services to present to your customers, but every communication piece has precious little real estate to accommodate all that. Enter Doxee space management: with advanced composition functions you can deliver high impact promotional messages while keeping the transactions, customer support contact and legal information easily readable.

doxee blog fig3 907 resized 600


Consolidate multiple documents into one. For example, one bill for the entire family of cell phone users. Then use OMR marks, barcodes and sorting and splitting functions to put more in one envelope to substantially reduce your mailing costs and increase customer response rate.


From local mom-n-pop shops to global enterprises, show your business partners how they can benefit through smart advertising in your customer communication. Doxee’s BI engine enables you to pull the correct message dynamically based on demographic data information. Employ the same for cross-selling your entire portfolio of products and services to not just improve ROI, but to open revenue streams.

doxee blog fig4 907 resized 600 


doxee blog fig5 907 resized 600Today, only 15%-20% of mail is delivered electronically. This presents your business with a huge opportunity to capture a new audience as more and more consumers move to electronic channels for interacting with service providers as yourself.

In today’s world of smart devices, social media and a hyper mobile audience, delivering the right promotional message to the right customer is simply not enough anymore. Consistency of promotional messaging across these multiple channels is what makes them effective.

doxee blog fig6 907 resized 600Transpromo communications synced across print, email, web and customer support turn a humble bank statement, a telecom bill or an email alert into the most valuable and highly effective marketing medium for any enterprise.

Doxee platform operates as a centralized gateway for all communications – transactional, promotional, TransPromo, regulatory, legal and more. Capitalize on its cutting-edge capability to transform your customer communication into a true profit center.


Online, Visual Design Interface > Cross-Department Efficacy

doxee blog fig7 907 resized 600A zero-scripting, collaborative design environment with visual business rules implementation enables marketing to collaborate with IT to roll out new products in less time, reduce revision cycles, improve efficiencies and lighten the load on IT resources.

Instant Proofing > Low time-to-market

Share up-to-the-minute changes with your team through PDF proofs that exactly match the final production output. Reduces errors, improves team collaboration and improves time-to-market.

QR, Barcodes > Reduced Mailing Costs

Insert QR codes, barcodes, OMR marks and other mailing technologies to maximize the mailing and fulfillment discounts offered by USPS, couriers.

Paperless Billing > Sustainable Environment
Reduce your enterprise carbon footprint while lowering your printing, fulfillment and delivery costs by moving clients from paper to digital statements.

Integrated Security > Better Regulatory Compliance

Doxee platform’s integrated security and access rights management system delivers regulatory compliance and can be configured to meet any and all security guidelines.

Integrated Workflow > Faster Turnaround

Manage user hierarchies, roles, access rights, review and approval processes through a built-in workflow management system.

Integrated Archival > Better Customer Support

Generate indexed archival files for each and every communication – print and digital – for easy search, retrieval and better customer support.

Click here to download Doxee Document Production Solution Brief >>>

About Doxee:

Doxee enables global business enterprises to engage and communicate with their customers in a pro-active, cost-efficient and profitable manner. Since 2001, Global 1000 companies have been relying on Doxee solutions and services in telecom, banking, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities and government sectors. Today, Doxee produces over 2 billion documents annually that reach over 100 million users worldwide.

For information, live demo and pricing details:
USA: +1-408-961-7415
Italy: +39 059 88680
Czech Republic: +420 274 001 141
Slovak Republic: +421 244 638 124

Enterprise Data Management: A Key Factor in Customer Satisfaction, Retention & Profitability


“What about all that customer data that we have?”

describe the imageBe it a marketing meeting to decide next year’s campaigns, a customer support improvement exercise or a C-level strategy session, this is one question that is always asked eventually. And rightfully so: over the years, research has proven that enterprises that effectively manage their customer data develop a clear, 360-degree view of their customers and reap higher financial and operational benefits as a result.

Despite all the evidence about the importance of customer data management, there are very few businesses that truly make good use of the large amount of customer data they have in store. A Forrester study shows that a full one-third of those surveyed evaluate their use of customer data management best practices as poor or below average. On the other hand, according to a recent study by the Aberdeen Group, “above-average and best-in-class companies... attain greater than 20% annual improvement in retention rates, revenues, data accuracy and partner/customer satisfaction rates."
Doxee Data Management                              Customer Data Transformation by Doxee

Doxee manages data of over 100 million end-users worldwide. Global 1000 companies employ Doxee’s Data Management services and solutions for the following key functions:

  • Data collection from CRM, ERP, BPM, accounting, finance and other enterprise systems
  • Parse and consolidate legacy and contemporary customer data
  •  Normalize, chunk, assemble and enrich data using web-based data mapping interface
  • Define business rules through advanced algorithmic functions using a visual interface, without any coding or scripting
  • Transform the parsed and enriched data to XML format for enterprise consumption
  • Generate in-depth, department specific business intelligence reports

Doxee solutions are deployed in an Enterprise Software-as-a-Service (ESaaS) model. Enterprises have an option to host the services on their internal servers behind corporate firewall or on a managed hosting environment outside the firewall. Either way, the users require only a web browser to securely access Doxee services for their enterprise data management tasks from anywhere in the world.

Download the fact sheet: Doxee Data Management Solutions >>>

About Doxee
Doxee enables businesses to generate and manage customer communication in a secure, collaborative and auditable environment. Doxee’s SaaS-based enterprise solutions are in use by Global 1000 clients in telecom, banking, healthcare, utilities, government, manufacturing and service bureau sectors. 

For more information, live demos and pricing details:
Call: +1-408-961-7415

Visit Doxee at Booth No. 767 at GRAPH EXPO 2011

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