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Digital Is Key with Millennials; Print Plays an Important Role, Too


Millennials are clearly heavy digital users, but they are still influenced by print.

Valassis released results from its recent Consumer Print Usage Survey on Facebook. Results indicate that while digital is key with Millennial shoppers (ages 18 to 34), traditional print media also plays an important role in the group's shopping routines and are not only instrumental in decision-making, but often serve as a catalyst to online shopping.

Valassis' Consumer Print Usage Survey revealed 91 percent of Millennials who use newspaper inserts do so to save money, and 60 percent said they would shop less without newspaper inserts. Newspaper inserts guide Millennials prior to shopping in several ways: by alerting them to sales (68 percent); driving them to purchase (51 percent); reminding them of a need (46 percent); helping them decide where to buy (35 percent); and alerting them of a product or service (26 percent). Survey results also uncovered 30 percent of Millennial newspaper insert users go online after seeing a product or service in a newspaper insert.

digital users"While Millennials are clearly heavy digital users, learnings from the survey reveal that they are still influenced by print, including newspaper inserts," said Larry Berg, VPand general manager of Valassis Solutions. "These findings indicate the powerful way traditional print and digital media work together to drive consumers from awareness to action as well as how the traditional path to purchase has evolved and is no longer linear."

Findings from the survey speak to the power of print, specifically insert advertising, and how Millennial consumers are combining these advertisements with online searches along their path to purchase. The survey also provides insights into Millennial shopping behaviors and the role newspaper inserts play in the shopping routines of this deal-seeking generation.  The survey platform was selected based on its history of heavy Millennial use – 86 percent of Millennials visit Facebook every day.

In addition, the study also found that Millennial shoppers use newspaper inserts when choosing restaurants, apparel, telecom products and services and more:

  • 87 percent of Millennials who use newspaper inserts utilize them regularly or occasionally when selecting a restaurant;
  • 84 percent of Millennials use inserts to find coupons or discounts when shopping for apparel, and 71% use inserts to find the best price; and
  • 64 percent of Millennials who use newspaper inserts look to them when making decisions on telecom products and services.
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